Blogs Are Dead

Let’s face it ladies and gents, the age of blogs is over, and the age of Twitter and Instagram reigns supreme. Since I started the blog in 2010, almost every industry blog I followed has now gone dark. Not to say every blog is dead. The Anonymous PA, Go Into The Story, Bitter Script Reader, and Hollywood Juicer are still kick’n. But the golden age has come to an end. And, with a heavy heart, I think it is time for this blog to end as well.

What does this change? To be honest, not much. I am writing this more for myself than for you readers, who have seen me abandon this blog many times before, only to triumphantly return and proclaim that I am back and will do better this time around. Unfortunately, that never seems to be the case. Don’t fret too much; this website will not die. I will continue to pay for the domain and hosting. I still plan on posting links to screenplays during award season. I still plan on sharing the occasional useful video or article. And I will try my hardest to answer questions sent to my email via the contact form on this website. But I think it’s time to face the music and admit that I don’t have the time, or the will, to keep this blog going on any kind of daily, weekly or even monthly schedule. And when thinking on what I set out to achieve, I believe we have done it.

In 2010 I created this blog while I was in film school in an attempt to chronicle my journey on trying to become a screenwriter in “Hollywood.” Since then, I graduated, moved to Los Angeles, worked my way up as a production assistant, to a writer’s personal assistant, to a writers’ assistant in a writers room, to getting representation, to writing on a real-life television show. So in a sense, I have done what I initially set out to do. I have shown you all that this can be done. If you try hard enough, follow your dreams, and don’t give up, you can do this. I am living proof. I, by no means, would call myself a successful writer, and in many ways, I have still not “made it,” but I do have a WGA writing credit, great representation, and a network of professional writers who I can now call colleagues. This is merely the end of one journey and the beginning of another. The beginning of what I hope will be a fulfilling writing career.

So keep at it, take the advice I give in the archives of this blog, and never give up.

Onward and upward,


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  1. There’s no arguing that blogs have ceased being the bright and shiny new objects on the web, having long since been supplanted by podcasts, Twitter, and Instagram, but I think they still serve a purpose. You’d expect me to say this, of course, given that I continue to write mine, albeit at a much reduced pace in retirement. Although Twitter and Instagram are ideal platforms to launch a quick blast of snark, commentary, howl of outrage, or (in the case of Instagram) to share arresting images, neither are suited to a more thoughtful, thorough dissection or analysis. Podcasts can fill that role, but unless you’re trapped in a car, bus, or subway for a while, finding the time — and the quiet — to listen to a podcast is not always easy. Podcasters must do all the work of a blogger in writing and re-writing the copy, but then they have the added chores of recording, edit the results, and adding music or sound effects. I appreciate their efforts, and do love me a good podcast, but adding another layer of production and complication to the process is not for me. Having followed your journey from wannabe to WGA writer, I’m sorry to see this blog go dark — however sporadically — but I certainly understand. Now that you write for a living, the appeal of sitting down to the keyboard to do yet more work for free has no doubt faded considerably. So, I wish you all the best in your career, and maybe an Emmy or Oscar on your mantle someday…

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