Tips for a PA: How to Make a “To-Do” List


You’re probably thinking, “How to make a “To-Do” list? Really? That’s the type of unique content this guy puts on his site?” Trust me. This changed my life.

Everyone has their own way to do a To-Do list. Some people prefer digital lists, others like to write them down. I prefer written lists. My current template was given to me by a former Agent’s Assistant, and it’s my favorite one yet. It’s very simple, yet super effective. Set PA’s don’t really use To-Do lists much… so this article is aimed more towards the office PA or office assistant.

1. First off, you need a lined paper notebook. One where you can turn the pages. Like this one. 

2. The next step is to get out a ruler and draw a straight line right down the middle of the paper, like so:



3. Next put the date up at the top. Wherever you think best. I tend to forget the date — so I find this very useful.


4. Next you write “TO DO:” on one side and “TO CALL:” on the other side. The former agent’s assistant would use “TO DO:” and “TO SEND:” or something, because she would constantly be sending out scripts to people. I don’t have things to send, but I have a lot of people to call — so I  have a “To Call” column.


5. Now, throughout your day, you will be given a multitude of never-ending tasks. Please do not rely on your memory — it WILL fail you. Write everything you need to do down, even if you think you will remember it. Put things in their respective columns like so:


6. Here is the important part. When you’re done with a task. You HIGHLIGHT IT. Do not cross it out. Highlighting lets you easily see all the tasks you’ve completed. So when your boss comes to you and was like, “Did you do that thing I told you to do last week?” And you have no idea what he’s talking about because there are a million things on your mind — You simply scroll back in your notebook to the date and look and see if you highlighted that task.


7. At the end of the day you should have all your completed tasks highlighted. Now turn the page, and create the next days list by adding all the tasks you didn’t complete today. And continue on doing this never-ending list of bullshit that is your job while you slowly die in a fluorescent bathed cubicle of hell.

That’s it! Hope this helps all you office people get shit done.

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