Christmas Gifts for Writers (From a Writer)

gifts for writers

Christmas Gifts for Writers!

Doesn’t matter how old this post is. These are great christmas gifts for writers.

Want to get that writer or screenwriter something they’ll love and actually USE for Christmas? Here’s a quick buying guide. Enjoy.


Kindle Paperwhite

I bounced this item to the top of my list because it is literally my favorite electronic device. The kindle paperwhite is a brilliant piece of technology. And it actually looks like you’re reading off paper. And the battery life lasts for weeks. I would rather cut off my hands than ever read off an ipad or kindle fire again. Buy this. Now. Even if the person you’re buying it for is all like… “I LOVE REAL BOOKS, MEH”. Just tell them to read ONE book on the kindle paperwhite. They’ll never go back to reading “real books” ever again. You can also consider buying some of my recommended books!

Coffee Mug Warmer

This thing is awesome. I have one. It rocks. Keeps that coffee warm if you enjoy drinking out of a mug — if you don’t like a mug, check below item.

Yeti Rambler

I literally use the Yeti Rambler every single day. Works for hot drinks and cold drinks. It is my favorite cup/mug/travel mug. A little embarrassed to say it, but I actually own three of these things. They clean easy and keep drinks cold all day long. No shit. Put ice coffee in this thing at 8am, you’ll still have ice cubes well after lunch.


Another thing I use on the reg. Adjustable height. Great if you don’t want to buy a super expensive stand up desk.

Writer Emergency Pack

26 Illustrated cards designed by those great guys over at the ScriptNotes Podcast. Designed to help you out of a bind when you’re hitting some much dreaded writer’s block. And even if they writer doesn’t end up using them very much, it’s still a cute gift.

On Writing by Stephen King

This is one of my all time favorite books, let alone my favorite book on the craft of writing. Advice works for screenwriting just as much as novel writing. A must read for anyone interested in writing. AND YOU CAN BUY IT ON YOUR KINDLE… hint hint.


A writer can never have enough sharpies. ‘Nuff Said.


A writer can also never have enough index Cards. They’re amazing for breaking story.