Writing Partners and Google Docs

I just recently started using Google Docs for various things such as a list of productions I’ve harassed for work, and an easy place for people to look at my resume.  Today, I thought of something amazing (it’s not that amazing). Something I should have thought of months ago.

My writing partner is still back in Tennessee.  This is a bit of a problem. We end up having to work on an outline individually, email it to the other person for notes and additions, then email it back. After a while, it becomes a pain in the ass. So why not just put all of your script ideas or outlines into separate Google Docs and then share them in the “cloud?” BRILLIANT!

Now, whenever I feel like doing some work on one of the three feature screenplays I am currently switching between, I can just log on to Google Docs and edit any of the outlines from whatever computer I am on. Plus, my writing partner can do the same! Everything is kept together in one simple place. We can even edit at the same time. It saves automatically every few seconds. I love it!

I’m sure I will continue to find newer more amazing ways to use Google Docs in the next few weeks. Yeah, I know… I’m late to the Google Docs game.

Does anyone else do anything amazing with Google Docs?

Share with me please, I’m hooked!

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