New Link: Writing for Hollywood Blog

I just recently began reading this new blog called Writing for Hollywood. The writer calls herself writer-4-hire. She is a full-time writer and active member of the WGA since 1999 and has had five movies produced. To celebrate the writing of her 20th screenplay, she created this blog to share what she’s learned, as well as ways to stay motivated and how she continues to learn.

Her first post started on July 1, 2010, with a blank page, and she tracks her progress of writing a spec from start to finish. Each post is an interesting read for someone looking to get into the head of a selling writer.  Along the way, she also shares, what I believe to be beneficial information for the up-and-coming screenwriter. The writer touches on everything from character development and plot structure to procrastination and ergonomic chairs. She has since finished the first draft of that spec and is now going through rewrites with notes from her agent… as well as a writing assignment, a treatment, and a novel. Shit!

I recommended giving this blog a read.  Right the fuck now. 🙂

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