Best and Worst Movies of 2013 – October Issue


Here are a list of all the theatrical movies I’ve seen this year, and where I rate them in order from best to worst. There are many movies I haven’t seen this year that I would love to put on this list. I’ll do another one closer to the new year.

1. Gravity – The movie doesn’t rank the best in every class… but it was by far the best theatrical experience I had all year. Seeing the movie in IMAX 3D is something I will never forget. It was spectacular — and thus receives my number 1.

2. Elysium – There was so much I loved about this movie. Apparently not everyone received it as well as I did, but I’m a sucker for the realistic looking sci-fi. The film felt so raw and dirty. The tech was great and the violence was appropriately horrible.

3.The Conjuring – I’ve never been a huge horror movie fan, but this one was getting such good reviews I couldn’t pass it up. So much fun! It probably wouldn’t rank as high if I was an avid horror fan, but because it surprised me so much it’s taking number 3.

4. Captain Phillips – I potentially could have bumped this film up higher, but I saw it back to back with Gravity, so my endorphins had already been drained. The acting in the movie was amazing. It deserves my number 4 spot for Hanks performance in the last scene alone.

5. Pacific Rim – So the dialogue was a little on the nose… I didn’t come here for great acting. I came for robots beating this shit out of aliens. And holy shit did this film deliver. Bad ass. Guillermo is one of my favorites.

6. Pain and Gain – I thought this movie was pretty damn funny. Wahlberg and The Rock were hilarious. Definitely enjoyed it.

7. This is the End – Super funny and super stupid. Wasn’t a bad movie as far as comedy is concerned.

8. Star Trek Into Darkness – This was a fun movie to see in 3D. But overall I felt a little disappointed at the end. Wasn’t as good as I built it up to be.

9. The Kings of Summer – Funny, touching movie. Nothing amazing, but worth a watch. I usually don’t get to see these indie type movies as I’m drawn to the big ones, but I saw it and enjoyed it.

10. Man of Steel – Okay. This plot of this movie I found very… frustrating. The characters were… stale. But the fight scenes were pretty intense in IMAX 3D. So I enjoyed the hell out of those. The rest of the movie was forgettable.

11. Fast and Furious – Stupid fun action. I don’t know what to say. I probably enjoyed this one more than most of the franchise because I felt they finally accepted the ridiculousness of the past films. I feel they tried to push the boundaries of retarded, but did it knowing they were doing it. I didn’t feel cheated… I was along for the ride.

12. 42 – Good movie. Not really super into baseball. But a good movie.

13. The Act of Killing – Great documentary. Disturbing. Hard to get through. If this was a list of only documentaries I would rank it pretty high, but it’s not, so it’s number 13.

14. World War Z – I blame part of this being so low on my list on environment.  I saw it at a shitty theater, with no 3D, after working a full day. Other than my total lack of enthusiasm going into it,  the plot didn’t really work for me. I enjoyed the last act more than the first 2 when there seemed to be more of a motive.

15. 2 Guns  – I saw this movie on a whim. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t good. It was like… generic. It was funny sometimes. Had great acting. But… meh. Just a stale plot I think. I don’t know.

16. Iron Man 3 – Any other person would probably place this higher on their list, but I was so… disappointed. The whole plot didn’t work for me. I felt cheated. The only thing carrying this movie was the acting… but the story was so fucked — I won’t let RDJ alone carry it up my list. (Even if he’s amazing.)

17. The Wolverine – Went in with high hopes. Left with more crushed dreams. Outside of a few great action sequences (train), I didn’t care for it. By the end… I just wanted to leave the theater.

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