The Man Hater With a Tattoo of a Dragon or Something on Her Back.

I’ll make this brief.

Let me break it down. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a completely feminist story about how all men are evil rapists and even the good ones that aren’t rapists end up breaking your heart. Thus, no man can be trusted and all women can find power in the abused, yet strong girl…with the dragon tattoo. Cause when she’s abused she fights back…like a dragon. And when the man she loves is in love with another woman…because he’s actually been with her all along… and the only reason they had anything is because they were stuck on a god awful snowy island together and she basically stripped ass naked and threw herself onto him and practically forced him…..Jesus… come on. What man wouldn’t have sex with a Satan looking Rooney Mara who strips down and jumps on you while you’re isolated on an Island and you’ve already been having trouble with the girl you’re supposed to be with cause your business is failing… anyway….This dragon lady can can throw shit in the trash with fury and ride off into the night on a motorcycle. Cause she’s hard like that. Fincher and trent tried to make it awesome and dark… but it still screamed man hater. P.S. The end was horrible.

ALSO. All she did was see him laughing and his arm around this other chick. She didn’t even try to fight for that shit. I bet if she actually gave him the damn jacket… maybe something would happen. But NO! He’s off laughing with some chick. So Fuck him. He’s also probably a rapist. I bet. Imma just ride my motorcycle and get a tattoo and stay a lesbian. Cause chicks can’t break your heart… that’s a scientific fact.

DISCLAIMER – I never saw the original movies or read the books.

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  1. Love your blog and your passion, but I would hardly call any movie that revolved around a serial killer victimizing women a feminist movie. Also, the most likable character was the main dude. The character’s reason why she didn’t give him the jacket was because SHE had issues of trust. She never opened up to him about her feelings and making the jacket was totally going out on a limb – but she chickened out – why? Because the REAL reason is: In a three part series the title character can’t complete her journey in the first part. Consider Neo, Luke, those kids from the little Wizard movies (ha!)… Lame, yes, but… it’s all about the $

  2. I never looked at it that way. Makes a lot of sense. Like I said, I’ve never read the books or saw the original trilogy… so this was just some random reaction to a movie based off a movie based off a book. 🙂

    I appreciate the response!!!

  3. Someone who browses Reddit all day AND complains about misandry? Someone call History Channel, we got a cryptid.

  4. Can you blame him? I mean, he’s a middle-aged man. What does he have in common with a young dark/metal/alternative girl? Do they make a viable pair?
    He could go with her but in the long run, would it be a sound option for him or for that matter her? He’d get old and wrinkly and wouldn’t be able to get it up while she’d still be in her twenties/thirties.
    Also, in the second sex scene between them, he is not enjoying himself at all. She’s experiencing climax and he is like, ah whatever… Is he so much into the case that he doesn’t care for proper sex or is he not interested in her at all?

    On the other hand, there is the scene where he has his hand up her shirt and on her back. That scene describes an emotional bond. What happened to that bond at the end of the movie? What happened to his boss and her husband. Did she leave her husband to be with the journalist?
    This movie does a sloppy work of finishing the tale. Everything is about the mystery and drama but the romantic side of the movie gets resolved in a very few cheap shots that do very little of explaining anything.
    I’m a romantic so I’m angry with the end of the movie. They don’t even say goodbye to each other. He ends up being such a prick in the end.
    She ends up putting her heart on a silver platter and having it torn to pieces which is exactly how she’s been treated her entire life. Nothing changes and that is the sad part.

  5. Anrob:
    It is a first part of the trilogy, so you should either go read the other two or watch the swedish film version. (Or wait for the american version to shoot)

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