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I believe I can fly.  I believe I can touch the sky.

I don’t ever read Nothing against it… I just haven’t added it to the sites I try and pay attention to. Maybe that will change, because I was just informed of a couple of articles, that I believe to be so awesome and relevant, I now have to share them with you!

… and this is sort of my biggest concern with Fast Five, this movie is likely going to be number one at the box office this weekend and 20 percent of its trailer is butts.

The first is a great article written by Daniel O’Brien called “I Can’t Tell If Movies Are Being Serious Anymore“.

In this article, O’Brien breaks down a few popular movie trailers and dissects them in a hilarious manner, all to come to the conclusion — Movies today are so ridiculous that they border on being a parody. Even if they’re not intended to be.  Or are they? We can’t tell!

The second article comes from David Christopher Bell and is called “8 Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI“.

The reason I appreciate this article is because I think we, as a creators of movies, have severely fucked up some potentially awesome movies because we think CGI is even more awesome.  I’m an avid believer that you should always use “in-camera affects” when possible. Nolan agrees with me.  Blow shit up!  Use a million squibs!  I don’t care.  Don’t ruin my favorite franchisees with dumb CGI aliens!

Anyways.  Check these out.

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