AMC PWNS: Hell on Wheels Trailer

I don’t know how many TV shows I am currently following, but I do know that 4 of them are on AMC (used to be 5, but SOMEONE didn’t like Rubicon enough).  I’ve already written little blurbs about how much I love Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I also just recently fell in love with The Killing (now every time someone talks about Seattle, all I think about is rain and murder). Basically, if AMC was a woman, I would be too intimidated to talk to her at a bar.

I’m obsessed.

What’s next you say? Why the wild west of course! Cowboys and motherfraacking Indians, the Civil War, and the Transcontinental Railroad – they’re are all featured in AMC’s new TV show Hell on Wheels, premiering this year.

Read more on their website or check out the trailer after the jump.

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