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Catching up on some emails and I saw this:

Hey! Im interested in starting out as  production/casting assistant to get into the industry. I came across your blog about how much PAs are paid and wanted to know if you are paid on a day rate how are taxes taken out? is it like being a 1099 contractor? Im not sure if this is a stupid question but I really just want to know so I am prepared.

Usually when I work short freelance jobs, like commercials and photo shoots, I try to get on a 1099 so that I can write off everything during tax season. (You can write off a lot if you’re working freelance). Sometimes you don’t have an option and they’re ONLY going to pay you 1099, but if not I try to file with them as an independent contractor.  If you’re doing a long job, a few weeks to a month or more, they’ll probably put you on payroll. Even some day long jobs will try to put you on payroll. When on payroll — taxes come out like any normal job. Even on a day rate… because it all breaks down to hourly in the end.

Hope that answers your question!

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