Video: “Creative Spark: Aline Brosh McKenna”


The thing I love about these creative spark videos is seeing how different everyone’s process is. When I started writing I was so ridiculously in search for “the right way to write a screenplay”.  I spent so much time searching for the best way to outline, or card, or research … that I basically spent no time writing. Not that all that searching didn’t manifest itself into how I write today… but I think the most important lesson I learned is to just write and figure out what works best for you.

In this next video, Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada, We Bought A Zoo) tells us how her ideas form and how she turns them into movies.

Cool Video: “Michael Bay – What is Bayhem?”


Say what you will about Michael Bay — he is the king of orchestrated chaos — and his cinematography is fucking beautiful. This video by Tony Zhou does a great job of explaining how beautiful and complex Michael Bay’s shots actually are — and Tony Zhou doesn’t like Michael Bay films.

Michael Bay – What is Bayhem? from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Funny Video: “Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus”

No description necessary. Watch this video. 🙂

And with that, I’m about to jump on the 10 and sit in traffic for an hour and listen to Scriptnotes.

How to Show Texting in Film and TV


I love the new trend of showing texts right on the screen. You’ve probably seen it in shows like Sherlock and House of Cards. It’s completely seamless.  Tony Zhou does a wonderful job of explaining  the current state of incorporating texts and internet in movies and TV in his new video. Check it out. [via John August]

A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Cool Video: “Creative Spark: Mike White”


I’ve been posting these short videos by Academy Originals lately. I really like them. I find them inspiring.

This next one features Mike White who wrote School of Rock and Nacho Libre.  He doesn’t believe in the “get your 10 pages done” process of screenwriting — instead he believes in a lot of procrastination.

Everyone has their own process! I guess the only thing that matters is if you’re actually getting things done.

Cool Video: “Moments That Changed The Movies: Jurassic Park”


Can you imagine if the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were stop motion? I can’t either. Say what you will about CGI — it is a powerful tool in the right hands. Academy Originals put out this video on how one of my favorite movies of all time, Jurassic Park, changed the entire landscape of filmmaking.  It’s worth a watch.

Cool Video: “Creative Spark – Paul Haggis”

Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis wrote some movies you may have heard of. Crash, Million Dollar Baby and Letter from Iwo Jima to name a few. Where Dustin Lance Black is SUPER methodical and extremely researched, Paul Haggis is the complete opposite. Yet, they both write Oscar winning screenplays. Take out of that what you will.

Cool Video: “Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black”


I apologize for not being very active on the site. It has been extremely busy at work. The writers I assist have been breaking story for the past few months — but things are calming down now.

My writing partner and I have boarded out, not one, but TWO new pilots. And now we’re starting to write the first drafts from page one. He’s going to write one, and I’ll write the other one, then we’ll switch for rewrites. We’ve never done it this way before, but it seems most economical.

Unfortunately,  writing is going slow. We both have full-time jobs and have had a lot of social obligations requiring extensive travel — which eats up our weekends — our primary time to break story and write.

I watched this video the other day and it really inspired me. I’ve plugged away researching and carding ever since. Maybe it will inspire you?