UPDATES and the THR Writer’s Roundtable

Wow … it’s been a while since I have updated this blog.

A whole year.

Things have been happening…

And things have not been happening…

Such is life.

Still holding down the assistant desk, answering phones, updating calendars, making coffees, and picking up lunches. But I’m trying my damned hardest to get into the paid writer’s world. I had a manager last year. Wrote some scripts with him. Went out on a lot of meetings around town. Met some great people. But the manager and me didn’t work out. We’ve moved on.

Good news is, I have 4 new managers reading me this weekend, so hopefully one of them will work out and I’ll be in business with someone else this year. It’s a long hard road trying to become a paid screenwriter, but god damnit, I’m going to make it happen.  My new years resolution for 2016 was to find representation.  And now my new years resolution for 2017 is to… find representation.

I wrote a new pilot at the end of last year. It’s gaining some traction. “Is this the year?” I ask myself. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m sure I learned a lot over the last year that I can share with you all on this dwindling near-dead website of mine. Maybe I can pull an article or two out of my ass over the coming months. Blow a little life into this fire.

I’ve visited this little blog now and again over the past year to check in, filter out spam, and update plugins… but to be honest, and it’s kind of embarrassing… I forgot my login password. And rather than put in the work to figure it out, I’ve moved on to other things. But I finally got off my ass and figured out what the password was, and here I am! Woo. Fucking hell…

I feel like there is more I wanted to write, but it’s not coming to me now. Oh, yeah, we got a new president. Fucking just kill me now.

Oh, and I watched Arrival last night. I really enjoyed it. But I was left feeling super depressed at the end. Anyone else feel that way? Just like… what is the point of living anymore? I think the message of the film was the opposite of that but, jesus christ, was I depressed.

Overall — I think this year’s Oscar season is the most boring it’s been in a long time. This year’s selection of films do nothing for me. It’s kind of a drag. There are usually a handful of award films that I really enjoy each year. This year we have….

Arrival —  I’ve already told you how that one left me feeling. But I liked it. Even though I wanted to slit my wrists in a warm bath.

Fences — Didn’t see it. Doesn’t really interest me.

Hacksaw Ridge — Loved it. I’m an unabashed Mel Gibson fan. Don’t get me started. Is he a nut job? Of course. Does he make amazing movies. FUCK YES HE DOES.

Hell or High Water — Thought I would love it. But the dialogue was so witty, it took me out of the world and the story. Disappointed by high expectations.

Hidden Figures — Looks like a lifetime movie. Didn’t see it. Don’t want to.

La La Land — Heard it’s great. Doesn’t interest me in the least.

Lion — Looks good, but again… not enough to get me to watch it.

Manchester by the Sea — Saw it. Great acting. BUT FUCKING CAN A MOVIE GET GET MORE DEPRESSING. Jesus christ.

Moonlight — Just like Lion, looks good… but ugh. It takes a lot to get me to sit and watch a movie these days. Probably wont see it.

Jackie — LOVE Natalie Portman, but jesus christ was that movie boring.

There are more — but I can’t even bring myself to name them. So there you have it, a list of movies I couldn’t be less excited about. Except Hacksaw Ridge. That one was pretty good.

Anyway — Here is THR’s full Writer’s Roundtable. Worth watching despite how I feel about this year’s selection of movies.


Video: “In Focus: Screenwriting”

Another great BAFTA Guru video.

Because the truth is, if you write a great script, they’ll find you. They’re aching for good writers. So, it’s the ability to be ready when the door opens.  It’s not about which door you knock on first… it’s about… getting the job as an assistant, keeping yourself in there, continuing to work on it, and waiting. — You will get your chance… and then the question is — are you ready?

Review: “Highland: The Better Way to Write a Screenplay”


Hello people! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I’m exhausted. I feel like I need a holiday from my holiday. Friends were in town. Drinks were drunk. Sleep wasn’t slept…

I’m sure you’ve noticed the little Highland ad running in the top right corner of the screen. There used to be a final draft ad up there to help cover some of the costs of running this little website. I’ve worked in Final Draft the entire time I’ve been writing screenplays, so the program is very second nature to me. However, at $250 … it’s fucking expensive… and I don’t see many new writers wanting to spend that kind of cash.  Highland on the other hand costs $30.  I’ll let you do the math.

I’ve been working with Highland over the past few weeks — and I actually really love it.  I’m the kind of writer who is super meticulous about how the words look on the page. I don’t like to leave any hanging words in action descriptions. I don’t like starting a scene at the end of a page and I pay way too much attention to page count. Highland doesn’t let me do any of that. It keeps me doing the only thing I need to be doing — which is write. No distractions. And the best part is, Highland will convert all the text into screenplay format automatically. You can always tab over and see what the screenplay will look like. Which means you can write in any program — word, email, notepad, google docs — and just copy and paste that text into highland and it will automatically convert it for you.

When I’m done with the first draft in highland, I’m still going to export the highland file into a final draft file (which is super easy to do) to make those meticulous formatting changes — but all those formatting changes are super pointless in the first draft! I actually think I write 2x as fast in highland.

But enough from me. Just watch the video below.

Go check it out!

Video: “How I Write: The First Draft” Part 2 of 3

Yesterday I posted a great little video on preparation by BAFTA GURU. Here is part 2 of that series. “The First Draft” … something I am doing right now…

Video: “How I Write: Preparation” Part 1 of 3

Sorry no posts yesterday, I’ve been slammed at work! Busy again today, but I’ve managed to watch a couple of videos that I’d like to share. This is part one of a three-part series by BAFTA on the writing process. Enjoy!

VIDEO: “Inside the Writer’s Room”

What is a show runner and what are they looking for in a writer?Hear it straight from Greg Daniels (Parks and Recreation, The Office) and Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (Fresh Meat, Peep Show).