That’s a Wrap and 504s


With the joys of being back in scripted freelance come the woes of being back in scripted freelance. The show I’m working on is wrapping out — just in time for the slow-as-fuck holiday season. Finding a job this time of year is near impossible. But I guess that is what unemployment is for. Here’s to finding my next gig! In the mean time I have a pilot draft to finish. On page 30 for those who are keeping count.

Side note — apparently some of my readers are getting 504s when visiting the site. I don’t know what is wrong. Let me know if you’re having any problems. Trouble shooting now.

2 Replies to “That’s a Wrap and 504s”

  1. Good for you! Make good use of the time away from other people’s work to concentrate on yours; then your work can go out and start earning its keep while you go off again and work on other people’s, and so forth and so on . . .

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