Summer Lovin’

First day of Summer is tomorrow!

Summer used to be the best shit ever. No school. No responsibilities. Kick back. Party. Something about those hot summer nights… they were dangerous. One could have too much fun.

Now when I think of summer, I think of having to sit in hot traffic on my way to work. I think of sitting in an office filled with fluorescent lighting and the never ending ringing of phones. And when I’m in said office, all I can think about is going to the beach. Which is funny, because I live near the beach… and I never go. But when I’m in the office… I think of the fucking beach.

But anyway… the reason I’m posting.

I remember back when I was an avid reader of TAPA’s blog it came to a point where he would stop posting very often… sometimes months on end. This made me sad. I was scared he had been ousted and forced to stop posting. Or had died. Or was going to abandon his website… (which he eventually did). So, even though this site is not nearly as popular as his (but for some reason I am still receiving over 100 hits a day) I don’t want to leave any of my readers thinking I’m dead. So here I am — making this obligatory post telling you that I am alive.

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been working non-stop since the end of March. Hopped on an Office PA job for all of April and now I’m out of state working as an Editorial PA… which is pretty awesome. I get a little break from the HELL that is production. I’ll be back in LA mid July looking for my next gig. Just in time for 110 degree weather on the 405! *Stabs neck repeatedly with pen*

I wasn’t able to finish my screenplay in time for the Nicholl Fellowship due to work… but fear not. I have some other things on the horizon. Hopefully I’ll be able write back with some good news soon. If not… I’ll try… and try again.

We’re currently in that time of the year when screenplay contests begin announcing their winners. I want to wish all you budding screenwriters the greatest of luck… and if you don’t become a finalist, I leave you with this quote.

“Failure is a badge of honor. It means you risked failure.” – Charlie Kaufman

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  1. TAPA has not abandoned his blog, but now shares posting duties with at least one other Anonymous Production Assistant. The sharp cutting edge of TAPA’s prose still lives…

  2. Ahh! I thought he had just “passed it on” to another Anonymous PA. I read it every one and a while, but not as feverishly as I did when the orignal TAPA was posting a lot. I’ll have to go take another look at the site. Thanks Mike! You actually met the guy once didn’t you… I remember you posting something on your blog a long time ago about him not being dead… just busy. 🙂

    Hope you’re well! – 12pt

  3. Hey There!

    Just read through some of your past blogs. I just moved to to L.A. now, graduated from film school in 2010. I haven’t had any P.A. gigs yet. But I am searching.

    I;m also currently writing a feature for the Nichol fellowship. Anyway, You’re journey seems to have been interesting and busy with work as of late. Which im taking is the best news so far.

    This is month #2 for me. I am lucky enough to go back home for the holidays, which I hear isn’t common for people who move out here (it’s usually a year or more) But I was able to save a lot of money before moving out here (and parents paid for half the ticket).

    But I hope to last at least one full year in L.A. they say after the 6 month mark “things get real” haha, so im looking forward to that moment too.

  4. You have to search endlessly and call and talk to people every day. It’s like a full time job in itself.

    Happy you made the move! Hope you find a gig!

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