Life Update: Keep in Shape

A little while back I wrote an article on not having work for 4 weeks. I was going crazy. I sent out a shit ton of emails letting people know I was available. Nothing was coming up… until. BAM! I got a job. It was a one day gig. If I only knew what I had just booked…

Arrived on set at 10am. On a beach. “Alright” I said, “This could be interesting”. Interesting indeed. I worked my ass off harder than I’ve ever worked in my entire life. It was fucking brutal. I got in my car to drive home at 6am. That’s right. 10am-6am with two 30 min meal breaks. 20 hours on set. Welcome to Hollywood.

The worst part was that I had just gone 4 weeks doing absolutely nothing. Sitting in my computer chair working on websites, writing, and playing video games. That’s like, 4 weeks of atrophy, to running on the beach for 20 hours. I really hurt myself. Bad idea. When I got out of the car after driving home I literally couldn’t walk without locking my knees. Climbing up stairs wasn’t accomplished without searing pain. The next week was spent sleeping for 12 hours a day and overloading on pain killers. It was bad. To this day, 7 weeks later, my knees are still a little fucked. After a long day on set I can really start to feel the pain again.

So my first bit of advice. Keep in shape. I don’t care what you have to do. Go for walks, go jogging once or twice a week. Just keep your legs in good shape so you don’t do something stupid like I did. Now I’m just hoping I don’t have chronic knee pain for the rest of my life.

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  1. What’s the deal with getting health benefits when you’re working as a PA on and off? Do you not get benefits until you’re on payroll for a series or feature?

    Thanks! Love your blog, You’re hilarious!

  2. @Lauren – PA’s don’t get health benefits. As far as I know the only people with health benefits are those a the union. Most unions have their own health plans (which I’ve heard are amazing). So health plans will differ per person according to what union they’re a member of, regardless if they’re on the same show. This is at least how I understand it. Someone who’s in a union feel free to explain further.

    In short — Shows don’t have health plans, companies and unions do. So working FOR a company such as Disney could net you a health plan, but working on a Disney SHOW would not net you a health plan — Unless you’re in a union that provides health insurance to their members. And no, there are no unions for PAs.

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