Made the Jump


If you’ve read my last few posts — I guess you’ve realized that I’ve finally made the jump from daytime TV back to scripted! I wrote about wanting to do this a few posts ago. Bad part is I’m no longer a “producer”. Good part is I’M NOT WORKING IN DAYTIME! No offense to people working daytime… it just… wasn’t for me. I could give less than a fuck about prying into the lives of minor celebrities and TV personalities or learning how to make ombre shirts.  So I’m back to PAing… technically I’m a Production Secretary now on a pilot. Which is a small step up from being a PA.  Better pay. I don’t go on runs. More of a coordinator type position. But I guess the point of this post is… I am so much happier than I was on my previous job and the memories of that place are already starting to fade.

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