Happy Holidays and Charlie Kaufman!!!

I am alive. I have not completely abandoned this website. In fact, I hope to write here more in the months to come. My life since moving to Los Angeles has been absolutely crazy, but I’m still here. Surviving. For all you 10 people who read my blog. I’M NOT DEAD!

I have finally been able to put myself in a place where I can begin to write again. Working and moving and looking for work and working on websites and looking for more work have kept me from doing what I really came out here to do — sell a fucking screenplay. Now that the film industry has absolutely shut down for the holidays, I can sit back and do a little soul-searching. What do I want to write?

Do I want to start working on one of the 5 features I’m trying to structure? Do I want to re-write the feature I wrote last year? Do I want to work on one of the two TV Pilots I’m trying to develop? I have to pick something soon. I made a pact with a fellow writer that we’re both going to start working on our respective projects by Christmas Day.

While I sit here and ponder these thoughts I’ve decided to listen to what fellow screenwriters have to say by tuning into the BAFTA Screenwriting Lecture Series.

Right now I’m watching the brilliant Charlie Kaufman say awesome things like:

Your dreams are very well written. I know this, without knowing any of you. People turn anxieties, crises and longing, love, regret and guilt into beautiful rich stories in their dreams. What is it that allows us the creative freedom in our dreams that we don’t have in our waking lives? I don’t know, but I suspect part of it is that in our dreams we are not constricted by worry about how we will appear to others. It’s a private conversation with ourselves, and if we’re worried about it, this becomes part of the dream. I think if we were better able to approach our work this way, the results would be different.

I suggest you check it out.

I hope you all have an awesome holiday season! Take the pact with me and my friend and start writing something by Christmas Day! I’ll let you know what I decided to start working on after the holidays.


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