Goodbye TAPA – You Will Be Missed.

I started reading The Anonymous Production Assistant back when I was in Film School to better prepare myself for the strenuous task of becoming a Production Assistant.  After reading a couple articles, I quickly fell in love with the blog, and I distinctly remember one weekend when I sat down with a case of PBR and read the entire site from the first post. I laughed and learned, thoroughly enjoyed the fight with PA Boot Camp, and… got inspired.

He hadn’t posted since November, but sometimes he took breaks, so I’ve been awaiting his grand return to the blogging world for some time.  Today when I saw that he had actually posted, I almost did a fucking flip out of my chair. Unfortunately, the post was to say that he is leaving.  🙁

All is not lost however, for he wishes to keep the site running, albeit with a new writer — a new TAPA to keep the site alive.  So if you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to The Anonymous Production Assistant’s Blog and send him an email.

If it wasn’t for TAPA, I wouldn’t be reading any of the blogs I link on my blog roll right now, because I found them all through his site.  If it wasn’t for TAPA this blog probably wouldn’t exist, because it was his site that inspired me to start my own.

I hope you’re departure is a sign of something good. You were loved and you will be missed. I hope you get that writer’s PA gig you always dreamed of.


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  1. I feel like I’ve been sucked into a twilight zone and you’ve written my thoughts unto this post, albeit 4 years later and it’s your blog.

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