Being Busy Not Being Busy

I haven’t posted in a week.  It’s because I’ve been on an extended period of downtime… and it sucks. It really blows.  I’m one of those “work-a-holic” types, and my patience is being tested. I’m so restless. I sent out 26 resumes last week to countless black holes. An Assistant Editor job I was in the interview process for got put on indefinite hold.  A Set PA gig on a commercial got bumped to next month.  The people I have worked for in the past don’t have anything for me at this point in time.  I needed to find SOMETHING to keep me busy, and feed the work-a-holic inside me — so I started another blog.  I know, I should be writing my feature.  I am doing that as well. That’s one good thing about downtime.  I wrote a new horror logline, I’m developing a treatment for an adventure film, and still switching between writing two features.  I know… I just need to finish one of them and get on with my life.

A couple friends and I have just launched a movie news blog.  It keeps me busy while I’m not working and, an added plus to running a news site, now I know everything happening in the industry.

On a good note, I made a couple new contacts, had a phone interview with a company that may bring me some work, and talked to a 1st A.D. who added me to the interview rotation for a PA job on a TV show. Should hear back from her in about 3 weeks.  Fingers crossed.

Oh… and I discovered MineCraft, Portal 2, and I’ve done some catching up on Parks and Rec.

So I guess what I’m trying to say in this post is, USE YOUR DOWNTIME. Stay busy when you’re not busy, you never know where it might lead you.

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  1. I love your blog! I’m a newbie in the PA business and love it. Yes, the 9-12+hour days get tiring as hell, but it’s such an educating experience! (Considering I didn’t finish college.) My question for you is how to fill out a W4 form correctly as a PA? I’m single and live on my own. Do I mark an allowance for “Single and have only 1 job”? I ask this because like you said, jobs don’t always last long so I never know if I should mark that allowance or not. Any feedback would be great, thanks so much!

  2. Oh man. That would be a great topic for an article. I really have no idea. W4’s and i9’s and all that jazz is totally beyond me. I know I claim 3 usually. I heard 3 is a good number to claim. Some people claim 1 so that they don’t have to pay any taxes at the end of the year. I just worked a feature and my boss said she claimed 9 because it’s the first big job of the year and she wants all the money… I don’t really understand anything I’m saying right now. But I claim 3. I hear it’s safe. haha. When I understand this better I’ll post an article. Maybe another reader knows how this all works???

  3. *Takes a Deep, Deeeep Breath* Thank you so much for that reminder because I’m a person that always had something constantly going and always have been involved in something to keep my brain and hands going; Now recently, I felt like I’ve been standing in a Sahara desert from the lack of prospects around me and trust me, I’ve been beating the pavement literally and electronically with my resumes and CV and sometimes it feels like my email is somehow connected to their trash bin….But, I stand on a positive outlook that not only things happen for a reason, but hard work, determination and persistence always prove to outshine those cold and dreary seasons. Also, catching up on Blacklist never hurted anyone.

  4. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank “W4 Form” to fill out?

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