The Best Movies of 2013 (according to me)


Here is a list of movies that came out in 2013 (that I saw) and where they rank according to me.  And Django, Le Mis, Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln all came out in 2012… so I don’t know why they’re showing up on all the best movies of 2013 lists. They don’t count here. There are also a ton of movies that came out this year that I still haven’t seen that are making the lists… so if it’s not on here, there is a very good chance I just haven’t seen it. So here it is. The best movies of 2013 according to me.

1. Gravity – The movie doesn’t rank the best in every class… but it was by far the best theatrical experience I had all year. Seeing the movie in IMAX 3D is something I will never forget. It was spectacular — and thus receives my number 1.

2. Prisoners – This movie is fucking phenomenal.  It’s super dark. Super serious. And super fucked up. The ending. Omg. You HAVE to see this movie. Hands down one of the best of the year.

3. Elysium – There was so much I loved about this movie. Apparently not everyone received it as well as I did, but I’m a sucker for the realistic looking sci-fi. The film felt so raw and dirty. The tech was great and the violence was appropriately horrible.

4.The Conjuring – I’ve never been a huge horror movie fan, but this one was getting such good reviews I couldn’t pass it up. So much fun! It probably wouldn’t rank as high if I was an avid horror fan, but because it surprised me so much it’s taking number 4.

5. Captain Phillips – I potentially could have bumped this film up higher, but I saw it back to back with Gravity, so my endorphins had already been drained. The acting in the movie was amazing. It deserves my number 5 spot for Hanks performance in the last scene alone.

6. Pacific Rim – So the dialogue was a little on the nose… I didn’t come here for great acting. I came for robots beating this shit out of aliens. And holy shit did this film deliver. Bad ass. Guillermo is one of my favorites.

7. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – I’m a big Tolkien nerd. So here this is. Still not a fan of 48fps. It could have ranked higher… it could have ranked higher….

8. Pain and Gain – I thought this movie was pretty damn funny. Wahlberg and The Rock were hilarious. Definitely enjoyed it. Better than you think it’s going to be.

9. Blue Jasmine – I love me some Cate Blanchett. This movie is darker than it looks. Watch it.

10. American Hustle – This was a good movie. Well acted. I don’t think I’m as big of a David O. Russell fan as most people are. Didn’t think Silver Linings was that amazing either. Don’t get me wrong… I think they’re both good movies… but I rated Pain and Gain higher than American Hustle… so…

11. This is the End – Super funny and super stupid. Even though it’s number 11 on my list, it’s number 1 as far as comedy is concerned.

12. Star Trek: Into Darkness – This was a fun movie to see in 3D. But overall I felt a little disappointed at the end. Wasn’t as good as I built it up to be.

13. We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks – Very insightful documentary on the whole wikileaks fiasco.

14. World War Z – I blame part of this being so low on my list on environment.  I saw it at a shitty theater, with no 3D, after working a full day. Other than my total lack of enthusiasm going into it,  the plot didn’t really work for me. I enjoyed the last act more than the first 2.

15. Dirty Wars – Good doc. Kinda. Great message, bad execution. Will open your eyes to government secret ops and drone warfare… but the narrator/main character comes off a bit like a pretentious ass.

16. The World’s End  – Funny movie… but by the end I really wanted it to end.  I don’t know what to say besides that. Good, but not too good.

17. Stoker – Weird movie. Fucked up. I liked it.

18. The Kings of Summer – Funny, touching movie. Nothing amazing, but worth a watch. I usually don’t get to see these indie type movies as I’m drawn to the big ones, but I saw it and enjoyed it.

19. Fast and Furious – Stupid fun action. I don’t know what to say. I probably enjoyed this one more than most of the franchise because I felt they finally accepted the ridiculousness of the past films. I feel they tried to push the boundaries of retarded, but did it knowing they were doing it. I didn’t feel cheated… I was along for the ride.

20. Man of Steel – Okay. The plot of this movie I found very… frustrating. The characters were stale. But the fight scenes were pretty intense in IMAX 3D. So I enjoyed the hell out of those. The rest of the movie was forgettable.

21. 42 – Good movie. Not really super into baseball. But a good movie.

22. The Act of Killing – Disturbing documentary. Hard to get through. If this was a list of only documentaries I would rank it pretty high, but it’s not, so it’s number 22.

23. 2 Guns  – I saw this movie on a whim. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t good. It was like… generic. It was funny sometimes. Had great acting. But… meh. Just a stale plot I think. I don’t know.

24. Iron Man 3 – Any other person would probably place this higher on their list, but I was so… disappointed. The whole plot didn’t work for me. I felt cheated. The only thing carrying this movie was the acting… but the story was so fucked — I won’t let RDJ alone carry it up my list. (Even if he’s amazing.)

25. The Wolverine – Went in with high hopes. Left with more crushed dreams. Outside of a few great action sequences (train), I didn’t care for it. By the end… I just wanted to leave the theater.

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