Writing Partners and Google Docs

I just recently started using Google Docs for various things such as, a list of productions I’ve harassed for work, and an easy place for people to look at my resume.  Today, I thought of something amazing – that’s really not that amazing (something I should have thought of months ago).

My writing partner is still back in Tennessee.  This is a bit of a problem.  We end up having to work on an outline individually, email it to the other person for notes and additions, then email it back. After a while it becomes a pain in the ass. So why not just put all of your script ideas, or outlines, into separate Google Docs, and then share them in the “cloud”. BRILLIANT!

Now, whenever I feel like doing some work on one of the 3 features I am currently switching between, I can simply log on to Google Docs and edit any of the outlines from whatever computer I am on. Plus, my writing partner can do the same! Everything is kept together in one simple place. We can even edit at the same time, if we so please. It saves automatically every few seconds. I love it!

I’m sure I will continue to find newer more amazing ways to use Google Docs in the next few weeks. Yeah, I know… I’m late to the Google Docs game.

Anyone else have any amazing things they do with Google Docs?

Share with me please, I’m hooked!

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