Void Rays and Writing Partners.

Work on Christopher Stone has stalled out for the moment.  I  just recently got a writing partner, and rather than continue working on Christopher Stone by myself, I am now working a new untitled thriller with my new untitled writing partner.

Working with a writing partner is SO MUCH EASIER than working by yourself. Just being able to collaborate and shoot ideas off each other helps the creative process explode.  In a good way. We’ve only had two meetings so far…and we’ve already beat out most of the script.  We should be able to start writing here soon. I’m pretty excited about this script. I think it’s going to be a fun one.

In other news I just got my Starcraft 2 Beta key! I’ve been raping noobs in the ass with some Void Ray rush cheese. 10min games. Currently trying to develop my Protoss skills and actually learn how to play.

So basically Starcraft 2 and this new script are all I’ve been doing recently. If I don’t start work on this doc in the next couple of days I give you permission to slit my throat.

One thought on “Void Rays and Writing Partners.”

  1. Lol! I’m guessing no one held up to slitting your throat because 5 years later you are still publishing blog posts. But, I 100% share in the sentiment in working with a writing partner; Which, has seamlessly allowed me, to not only complete the scripts I start also, enables me to go back and do some major fleshing out.

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